DONOR Q&A: Tim Frazee

Thank you to Tim Frazee and his family of Cuyahoga County for their generous donation to help us feed children in Northeast Ohio losing access to meals because of the pandemic. To highlight their support, we chatted with Tim to learn why our mission is important to him and his family.

Thank you for your generous gift to help feed children losing access to meals because of the pandemic. What inspired you and your wife to make three considerable gifts within less than a year?

We are blessed and believe it’s our obligation to give back to people who need it most. Having learned about how big the childhood food insecurity issue is in Northeast Ohio, we felt a strong pull on our hearts to help.

Why is our mission of feeding Ohio’s hungry children important to you?

Kids really have no choice and have very little, to no control, over the situation they’re in. They rely on others to provide for them. We’re fortunate that we can provide some help to these kids that need it the most.

What is your connection to our mission?

As parents, it means a lot to us.

What personal stories have you heard about childhood hunger in your community and how has it affected you?

The statistics alone were enough to make us want to help. I have also learned that these kids that are suffering from food insecurity rely heavily on schools being in session for theirmeals. That said, this pandemic has only made matters worse. Now, more than ever, we feel obligated to help.

What would you say to other individuals considering making a gift to Children’s Hunger Alliance?

Please help in any way possible. A very little bit goes a long way, so no donation is too small.

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