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Dear Friend,

Imagine being a child in school trying to learn while hungry. That’s the situation too many of our children in Ohio face. Simply put our mission is to feed these children, but we need your help.

I want to share a story about how your support makes a direct impact on the lives of children every day. Jessica is one of the over 500,000 Ohio children living with food insecurity that rely on Children’s Hunger Alliance and generous donors like yourself.

Jessica is eight years old and one of the brightest students in Miss Henry’s third-grade class. A year ago, Jessica’s mother was going through a challenging time and having difficulties providing for her children. Many days there simply was no food available.

Today, Jessica and her two-year-old brother live with their grandmother in rural Ohio. In her new school, she gets to eat breakfast every day right in her classroom – free of charge.

Jessica’s grandmother was looking forward to meeting Miss Henry during a parent-teacher conference. She began to tear up when they met. “Jessica’s a different child today than when she came to live with me and seems so much healthier and happier. We don’t always have a lot of food at home, but now that she’s able to eat breakfast and lunch at school, I can afford to provide dinner at home.”

Miss Henry hears stories like Jessica’s often because the school she teaches at has an 80% poverty rate. That’s why she’s grateful to Children’s Hunger Alliance for partnering with them to implement Breakfast in the Classroom.

As we enter the holiday season please consider the needs of children like Jessica that, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a situation where they simply don’t have access to the food they need. Will you consider making a donation to support these children?

Our work does make a difference in the lives of children like Jessica, and we are committed to feeding more children, but we can’t do it without your help.

With gratitude,

Judy Mobley
President and CEO

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