Cooking caravan

Cooking caravan



Children and adults alike need healthy food to fuel their minds and bodies. A great way to encourage children to eat healthy is to allow them to help prepare food. Here are some simple recipes for all ages that are easy to prepare and nutritious!

Healthy Beverages

Join John and Sidney as they showcase tasty, healthy beverage options and create the perfect smoothie!


Chuck, John and Jacob feature a tasty, healthy snack perfect for older kids to make.

Fresh Fruit Cocktail

Check out our friends at Cooking Caravan as they whip up a healthy fruit cocktail in just five minutes!

Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast or Dinner

Scrambled eggs make a healthy meal any time of the day! Check out John, Chuck and Seema’s recipe for a delicious anytime scramble.

An Easy and Nutritious Salad

What can you do with those last few leftover veggies in your fridge? Try this simple 5-ingredient salad and top with your favorite dressing!

Simple Soup to Warm Your Stomach and Fuel Your Day

Learn to use leftover vegetables and pantry staples to prepare a quick, tasty soup that will warm up your little ones.

Easy Dinner Pt. 1

Gather your young chefs for a demonstration on the basics of cooking rice. Be sure to follow up with part two to learn a healthy recipe for a complete, tasty meal!

Easy Dinner Pt. 2

Part two of the Cooking Caravan Easy Dinner videos features a quick way to stir fry veggies and tuna for a healthy, filling meal.

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