March 17, 2021 | Columbus, OH

Children’s Hunger Alliance (CHA), a statewide nonprofit dedicated to feeding children-in-need, announced today the launch of a redesigned logo and new brand identity.

“Over the last year, we reached more children than ever before through various meal distribution models.  We fast-tracked our mobile meal initiative in response to the pandemic – and as we continued to expand across the state, we recognized the need to revamp our logo and brand identity. With this new bold and bright branding, we believe it will help increase our community visibility for the families and children we serve. We look forward to rolling out the new logo and raising awareness of the important work we do at Children’s Hunger Alliance,” said Judy Mobley, president and CEO of CHA.

Designed to work more effortlessly across all marketing channels, the bolder eye-catching design is a departure from the previous arched script logo. The new interpretation of the apple design exists in the negative space while also serving as the counter of the letter A. The nonprofit worked with Serif Creative, based in Columbus, to develop the new brand identity.

Doug Joseph, founder and CEO of Serif Creative, said, “It is an honor to partner with Children’s Hunger Alliance, an organization who lives the values Serif Creative aspires to. As a prestigious organization with a great team and vision, driven by the simple mission to feed children in need, they play a vital role in our community. Our team crafted a new visual brand identity to represent the spirit of Children’s Hunger Alliance. The new branding centers on the organization’s three iconic letters. Their silhouettes are bold and playful, carefully considered and executed, to evoke a sense of personhood and professionalism fit for CHA. We look forward to continuing our work with their team and helping them further their mission”

Mobley said, “While the logo and branding are new designs, CHA’s mission to provide children one of their most basic needs, food, remains the same.”

CHA’s redesigned logo
CHA’s logo before the redesign

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